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What is the 8th note Stepped Attenuator, and what it isn't?

I want to make Your decision easier. Is it for your project, or it is not?

One of my design rules amongst the first ones was simplicity.
The cleanest and finer look of an amplifier's face can be found in stereo amplifiers.  Every manufacturer made it, like Onkyo, NAD, Harman/Kardon to mention a few.
The basics of the user interface for a stereo amplifier are not more than a power button, and a volume knob next to a channel selector.
In fact, I am still using a stereo amplifier at my home that does not even have a remote. That's right. I walk there, to turn the knob.

So when the idea of the 8th note Stepped Attenuator came, I wanted it to let me use it with closed eyes. Still knowing where the knob is pointing, it is essential not to use rotary encoders, but traditional pots. Following this idea, turned out that the attenuator have only three LED indicators, to show some functions, but nothing more.

I made the following list based on the most asked questions, I hope it will make your decision easier:

What the 8nSA is?

-It is a superior attenuator for single ended and balanced amplifiers
-It mimics the conventional potentiometer in much higher quality
-It is designed for DIY projects, and needs some soldering
-It have remote control functionality as a secondary control
-It is made in simplicity and compactness in mind
-It is made by hand in low quantities for a limited time

What the 8nSA is not?

-It will not give you total flexibility, but the all the basic things you will need
-It does not have nice display, like numerical displays or similar, but if it is your thing, I made documentation to help you make one

The user experience is unique.
If you have not tried a stepped attenuator, you have to taste it. This unit will give all the clarity your ears desire, with a high tech brain to do it well.

If you choose to try it, you will experience the finest analog attenuation solution we know until now.

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