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Another batch of attenuators

Hello there!
I already told some bits about how the attenuators are being made. Now I want to share the complete story with you.

First of all I mentioned there is no mass production. That is right, every attenuator is hand built at nights and on weekends at home.
Because of this, there is only a small quantity is built in one time.

But first, the basics, the PCBs are manufactured in a small local shop.
It is nicely made and has routed edges. As the finished attenuators, the boards are made by hand as well, the shop is not automated, and welcome small orders too.

Because of the generally low part availability here, the other parts are ordered from about five different suppliers, some local and some from other countries.
When everything arrives the building begins.

The finished units are being tested, every function plus the remote. Then it is packed and stored and waiting for its new owner to be arrived to.

Finished 8th note Stepped Attenuators

Doing this on a free time basis, I still thinking on new kits for next year, I hope I can do it. It also depends on the popularity of the stepped attenuators, and my free time. Until then, please follow the links to the 8th note Stepped Attenuator,
and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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