2013. május 24., péntek

The 8th Note Stepped Attenuator II

This is the most advanced attenuator I made. One controller board supporting two relay boards below. The boards are connected with headers. It uses the already introduced LULO controller logic, and remote control function next to the single potentiometer control. Additional function LEDs added, with headers to mount LEDs on front panel. The software has been fine tuned to excellent controller noise reduction, useful when long wires are used between potentiometer and the controller input.

Finally, it is ready. Enjoy!
Ordering is possible in the shop: www.8thnote.eu

Pictures of the 8th note Stepped Attenuator II:

Ordering starts now!

For more information please visit the shop at www.8thnote.eu

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  1. All the first version attenuators are sold now. Thank You for all the supporters.